Integrated Healing NW

Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Animal Communication

Helen has had intuitive gifts since she was young. She offers assistance with life's sometimes difficult path. Sessions can be in person, or conducted at a distance.

Energy Healing sessions help shift energy to make room for positive life changes in regards to your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual challenges. Helen works with you and your subtle bodies to create change. (more info)

Intuitive Coaching sessions help you process change in your life. Helen can give insight, shift energy, or help you get in touch with your own intuitive strengths to help you on your path of positive healing. (more info)

Animal Communcation sessions can help you connect with your animal, living or passed on. Helen communicates with your animal energetically to help you understand your pet's point of view, providing insight on health, emotional or behavioral concerns. (more info)

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Each moment an opportunity to heal

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